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Most of the talks regarding Western countries are done to explain their beauties but Australia is more likely to be the new horizon for those who love to explore different destinations for their vacation. Yes, you heard it right, if you are done with the regular spots then Australia is the place you can explore a new charm as well as excitement.

UnDiscover Australia

Full of riding, camping, sunshine spots, Rocky Mountains, astonishing lakes, dynamic rivers and a lot more outdoor activities, Australia is attracting millions of people from all around the globe. If you want to explore Australia and feel new impression, then do not waste your time. If you are ready then you have to apply

for a visit visa to visit Australia as it is necessary. No matter what you are, a traveler, a businessman, or want to visit relatives you must have to attain the visit visa. A visit visa for Australia has a time period of three months to a year.

Australia is one of the leading business centers, tourist locations and general purpose visitor-centric countries of the world. Countries of the world are listed on Australia’s ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) list and get their visit visas instantly processed. However, lot of countries are not on this ETA list and people from this region have to take alternate routes when it comes to visiting visas for Australia. Some Australian Visitor Visa categories are listed below to provide useful information to our clients.

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There are 3 types of visitor visa can be applied for Australia

  • Visa for holidays, recreation and to meet families or friends
  • Visa for business visits to attend meetings, negotiations and examining business.
  • Visit for medical treatment or to transit through Australia

Australian e600 Visitor Visa – Long Stay

One of the most popular Visit Visa to Australia categories is the e600 or the subclass 600. This category is especially developed for nationalities that don’t fall under the ETA program and has KSA and UAE regions included in it. If you wish to travel to Australia on a temporary basis, you will need to fulfil all subclass 600 requirements. This visa category is not processed instantly and you will need to submit few extra documents that can affect the usual 20 days’ timeframe of this Australia Visitor Visa by considerable margins. Some major requirements and conditions of the subclass 600 Visit Visa are:

Visa Conditions for e600 Visitor Visa

Australian Visitor Visa applications will have abide by some necessary conditions. If you fail to abide by these rules, your visit visa can be instantly canceled or you may be imposed some other penalties:

  • You must not try to get any paid work while you are on your visitor visa, however, Voluntary work may be permitted depending on the nature of work and your visa type.
  • You will not be allowed to study more than 3 months while on visitor visa. If you have plans to study in Australia for more than four weeks, you may be required to undergo and pass a health exam in Australia or your country where you are applying from.
  • A “No further stay” condition can be imposed on a visit visa meaning you will be not in a position to apply for a different subclass visa even when your visitor visa expires. Protection Visa is exempt from this condition and this condition can also be waived in exceptional circumstances.
  • It is a necessary condition to depart Australian borders within the validity of your Visitor Visa subclass 600.

Medical Test Requirements for Australia Visit Visa

In addition to the aabove-mentionedconditions, when your requirement of Australian Visit Visa is of more than 6 months, you may also need to undergo a chest x-ray exam. This is one of the factors that can affect the usual 20 days’ timeframe of visitor visa subclass 600.
Dubai, KSA and rest of the GCC states and countries fall under low risk regions at the Australian visa bureau and might not be asked to undergo any further medical examinations. However, all cases differ and do expect to have a medical test report taken recently to be on the safe side.
Additionally, for visitors that are over the age of 75, meeting Visit Visa’s medical requirements is necessary, these are:

  • Have a travel health insurance that will cover the whole length of their stay in Australia
  • Take a full medical examination from a certified doctor to provide their fitness to travel to Australia.

Proof of Funds Requirement for e600 Visit Visa

Since you will not be allowed to take up any paid work while your temporary visitor visa stay in Australia, you will need to show financial stability that will help you keep un with the expenses while in the country. This Visitor visa is granted with a maximum validity of 12 months and you will need to show funds availability for whatever length of time you require to stay in the country. The accepted forms of proof of funds can be bank statements, pay slips from employers, audited accounts or taxation records. Be sure to leave the required amount outstanding in your bank if you are going with bank statements, which are thought to be the strongest candidate to get instant approval.

Visitor Visa e600 Allocations

The ETA type visit visa may be processed instantly, but is only allocated for a maximum of 3 months, however, with the e600 subclass, you will get:

  • An Australian Visitor Visa stay of up to 12 months depending on your purpose of stay and personal circumstances

  • A single or multiple entry for all your allocated timeframe depending on which one you choose and your personal conditions to meet those requirements

  • The usual processing time is 20 days, but this might be affected by additional documents that may be required in your specific case scenario.

The visitor visa 600 subclass is your perfect choice if you have planned a holiday to Australia, a business trip or even a year’s worth of getaway from your home country or state in the GCC. The application fee is very low with a very fast paced process that usually gets you the required Visitor Status in 4 to 5 weeks with all the documentation verified and checked in detail.

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Are you planning your visit to Australia for a longer period of time to visit family or friends? Does your business require you to travel to Australia for some weeks? Do you want to visit Australia’s beautiful landscapes and big cities on a short tourist getaway? Express Onestop immigration in Dubai is your perfect choice for all these scenarios. We are here to guide you to gain a visit visa for Australia without any hustle and bustle. Basic documentation is the prerequisite of the process and after that, you have to be good enough in speaking English as well as in finance. There is no strict scrutiny to the visit visa in Australia hence it is not complicated to get it. But be careful, being not complicated does not mean that there are check and balance at all.
We have a perfect team of experienced and skilled visa experts who have expertise in Subclass 600 Australian Visitor visa and just the right contacts at the right places helping you get faster approvals and reliable answers for your application. With one of the highest success rates in the industry, we provide top quality Australian immigration consultants‘ services in Dubai, KSA and all the rest of GCC. Express Onestop Immigration’s step by step guidance helps you with:

  • Document preparation across all requirements
  • Quick and fast verification of all documents and guidance with medical tests and financial support statements
  • Help with online form filling and attaching all required documents
  • Interview preparation for instances where you will be called for an appearance.

We are serving in these GCC countries Qatar, Bahran, KSA, Kuwait from Dubai you may contact us for more details of our Australia tourist visa  consultancy.

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