Greece is located in Southern Europe, on the gentle waters of the Mediterranean sea, and is the birthplace of the modern western world. It is the country that gave rise to democracy, western philosophy, the Olympics, scientific and mathematic discovery and western drama. Its rich historical legacy is reflected by its 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, among the most in Europe, and its proud traditions that still influence modern Greeks today. The Greek people are known for their love of culture, delicious foods, strong coffee, and close families. Greeks enjoys a high standard of living, supported by tourism, shipping, and food and tobacco production. Once the greatest civilization in world, carving a clear path for all who would come after, Greece is still the envy of world powers for history, food, beauty and culture.

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Population: 10,900,000   GDP: $195,878,000,000   Per Capita GDP: $17,565    Size: 131, 960km²    Capital: Athens

EU citizens, and only need to commit a purchase of property with a net worth of 250K euros, without any examination into background, experience or funds. Applicants may claim dependents can be the spouse, children under 21 years old (or above 21 years old still on study, unmarried and depend on the main applicant), parents depended and parents-in-law.

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