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Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai UAE

Express Onestop Immigration is a successful and professional Canada immigration consultancy in Dubai, UAE. We have a list of our successful clients who have affirmed their immigration to Canada from UAE. At Express Onestop Immigration, we are serving our clients by providing the best solution for their Canada immigration consultancy in Dubai, UAE. Our main objective is to satisfy esteemed client by assisting how to approve his/her Canada visa application within the given time period.

Canadian Permanent Immigration from Dubai UAE

Every year Canada grants about a number of visas that enable foreign immigrants to enter the nation as permanent residents. This status enables you to get hold of the Permanent Resident Card and appreciate indistinguishable rights as Canadian citizens, excluding the privilege to vote. The procedure for getting this type of immigration is quite complex also for foreign policy rules.

Study Visa To Canada from Dubai UAE

Students also have the likelihood of getting a study immigration for Canada. This is the Study Permit framework that lasts throughout the span of study and furthermore incorporates extension in case of delays. A special permit also exists for new graduates who cannot stay in the nation for more than 3 years.

What is the Canadian Working Visa?

The working occasion visa is a temporary work permit granted to some nations that have specific bilateral agreements with Canada. The visa encourages cultural exchange between youngsters from various nations including GCC (UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arab, Kuwait, and Bahrain). Working Holiday enables you to work on the conditions of a Canadian citizen and to finance life.

Life partner Immigration To Canada from Dubai UAE

Another immigration Spouse visa for Canada for Canada from Dubai is formed by the Canadian for GCC citizen who have a steady association with Canadian permanent citizens or residents. Under Canadian law, each one of the individuals who have for all time lived together for no less than one year with a citizen or a permanent Canadian resident, even without being married, can apply for residency as long as their partner is available to serve as guarantor for the residence permit applicant. However, there are specific rules governing eligibility for this program, especially for the demonstration of stable cohabitation for at least twelve months without interval and it is always advisable to contact a legal counselor to determine your eligibility for this program.

Our Canada Immigration Expertise

We are expert in all types of immigration from Dubai to Canada for all the GCC migrants.

Following are the main categories for Canadian immigration we deal in:

  • Canada Skilled Worker Immigration
  • Family Class Sponsorship Immigration
  • Investors and Entrepreneurs Immigration
  • Canadian Experience Class Immigration
  • Quebec Experience Class Immigration
  • Canadian Provincial Nominee Immigration

Why Migrate to Canada?

Canada is a standout amongst the most multicultural nations on the planet; with clean and friendly cities, world-class universities and great business and job opportunities. Canada has led all G-7 nations in economic growth and has the second highest standard of living in the G-20, as measured by GDP per capita. The economy of Canada is a highly developed, mixed economy with 10th largest GDP by nominal and 17th largest GDP by PPP in the world. As with other developed nations, the country’s economy is dominated by the service industry, which employs about three-quarters of Canadians. Canada has the fourth highest total estimated value of natural resources, valued at US$33.2 trillion in 2016. It has the world’s third largest proven petroleum reserves and is the fourth largest exporter of petroleum. It is also the fourth largest exporter of natural gas. Canada is considered an “energy superpower” due to its abundant natural resources.

Canada has an extraordinary job market and plenty of opportunities for skilled workers. They have a strong economy that is poised to keep growing. Employment levels are high and the low annual inflation rate implies that it’s relatively affordable for you and your family. If you come to Canada as a skilled immigrant, you and your family will benefit from world-class education and high quality of life. Canada is a diverse and multicultural nation with plenty of support to help you and your family achieve success when you arrive in Canada. Freedom is the foundation of Canadian life.

Why Choose Us for Your Canadian Immigration

Express Onestop Immigration is one of the most trusted Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai. We have years of experience in the Canadian Immigration section and have business ties with higher level people in the immigration office who provide us updated news and reliable data that we use to fast track our client’s applications getting them their required immigration status for Canada in no time at all. Canada provides a very progressive work and business environment that you can avail to the fullest extent using your immigration status. One of the best factors with Canadian immigration is your ability to become eligible for the citizenship after spending a period of up to 3 years in the country and the Canadian citizenship also allows dual citizenship, meaning you will not have to give up your home nationality as well. Express Onestop Immigration is one of the most reliable and result oriented Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai, offering high-quality services that almost always get positive results from the Canadian embassy in the shortest time span possible encouraging your business or work chances in the country efficiently.

Canadian Immigration Consultancy Services:

We provide a wide range of immigration consultants’ services for Canada;

  • Canadian Express Entry Visa Consultants in Dubai
  • Canadian Student Visa Consultants in Dubai
  • Canadian Visit Visa Consultants in Dubai
  • Canada Spouse visa Consultants in Dubai

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