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If you are planning to visit Canada for your vacation, then you have reached the right place. Regardless of the season and what kind of traveler you are, you will find a place that suits your mood and your idea of an excellent holiday. Why I’m so sure about that? because Canada is the country which offers breathtaking beauty in the form of lush valleys, picturesque spots, green hill-tops and fresh waterfalls. It is not all as the city life in Canada is vibrant and glitters on the horizon when the sun sets. So don’t think too much and start packing your bags and leave the visa process on us.

A Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) also usually known as a Visitor Visa, is an official allowance by the Canadian Government in shape of a document issued by a Canadian Visa Office that is placed in your passport. This document (usually printed on a page in your passport) highlights the fact that you have met all the requirements for a Canadian admission on a temporary basis as a temporary resident. This temporary admission into Canada can be either as a Visitor, a temporary worker or a student.

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Canada Visa Process

Provided the Visit visa process is handled by an expert like us, the visa application process is not difficult. Canada offers some nationalities a free stay up to six months. However, most nationalities are required to get a Canadian Tourist Visa to stay for a period of six months. However, the policies for visit visa to Canada keep on changing and we keep ourselves updated to cater these changes and help you get successful with your visit visa application. It is your duty to prove to the authorities that you will be back within the given time. Apart from basic documentation such as application, photographs, medical, you also must show the sufficient funds to stay in Canada. An approved visit visa gives you a chance to enter educational courses which have duration less than six months.

What is required when applying for Canadian Visitor Visa?

Millions of visitors travel to Canada each year and the number of visitors from Dubai, KSA and the rest of GCC states is significantly growing. Your Canada Visitor Visa application is one of the simplest ones in all visa types requiring just a few basic documents. If you plan to visit Canada on a temporary basis whether it is for a vacation or holiday, visiting family or friends and/or any other short-term visit to the country, you will need to go for the Canada Temporary Resident Visa permit.

5 Basic Documents Required With the TRV Form

Although there might be many additional documents required with your TRV forms and Canadian Visitor Visa Applications, these 5 main documents will certainly be required with every submitted Temporary Resident Visa case:

  1. Documented proof of your ties in your country of residence like Dubai, KSA or any other part of the GCC. This should include your business engagements, property ownership and also life relationships that hold enough weightage for you to come back once your visit visa expires.
  2. Proof of funds for your Canadian Visit. You will need to show sufficient funds in your own personal account that will highlight you have all your expenses covered for your entire trip.
  3. Your passport and ID cards and also the Country or State Resident Cards if you are a migrant in any of the GCC states or countries.
  4. An invitation letter from the person or company inviting you to come to Canada for your short-term Visitor Visa.
  5. Sufficient proof that you will only be staying or residing in Canada for your allocated Short Term Visa tenure and nothing in excess of it.

Some Canadian Visit Visa cases might require other additional documents like business documents, letters from employers or property documentation to support the application. Be sure to find out which documents support your particular application best and attach them with your IMM 5257 application forms.

Can You Extend Your Study Permit?

Yes, you can. It’s simple as that. By filing the form IMM 1249, you can apply for an extension to your student immigration status. If your course could not be completed within the due date or you have taken admission in a following study course, you can utilize this form IMM 1249 to get an extension until the duration of your new study course or until the point when you intend to finish your current one. This can only be applied from within Canada and only when you are residing in the country.

Working in Canada While on Your Study Permit

If you are on a Canadian Student Visa, you can work in the country as well to earn some side income. You must meet the following conditions:

  • Your part time employment is on your study campus, i.e. your university, college or educational institute in any of the various departments.
  • Being an international student, you are under a scholarship.
  • Your work job descriptions are being specified as an integral part of your study program. This can be an internship, a post-doctoral fellowship or an unpaid or paid research.
  • You will require an approval from the authorities if you wish to work off-campus.

However, if you happen to have a spouse with you while on your study visa, they can work full time in the country.

Frequently Asked Question for Canada Visitor Permit


Visit Visa Permits to Canada are of different types. Some are only valid for a single entry, however, there are some that allow multiple entries into the country as long you are inside the allocated time frame. Yet, even the single entry Canadian visit visas allows you to travel to the United States or St. Pierre and Miquelon. Our expert consultants will guide you to the best option for your Temporary Canada Visa based on your travel plans and duration.


The answer is yes! You can. However, there are some stipulations that come with it. You can apply for an extension to your Visitor Status while within Canada from a Canadian Immigration Office. This application must be submitted before the expiration of your original visitor status, which is usually for a six months period on your first visit to the country. Implied Status is a term given to the time period that you have applied for your extension within the timeframe of your first Visitor Visa and are waiting for a final decision. If however, the decision is a rejection, you can also apply for Restoration of Status as long as your application is made within 90 days of getting the refusal.


Generally, the timeline on the visa processing may vary based on the seasonal workload. However, you should apply at least 2 months prior to your travel plan to avoid any delays or disappointments. When you hire some professional visa consultants like Express Onestop immigration, the process can be sped up quite efficiently by avoiding any reason of rejections that might cause delays. These below mentioned factors can cause some interruptions in your Canada Visit Visa applications:

  • Incomplete or wrongly filed applications
  • The random requirement of a medical exam
  • Security checks and background evaluations
  • Past criminal records in your home country
  • Interview requirement and its placement
  • Documents required for verification


  • You must satisfy the officer that you do not intend to work while on your Visit Visa in Canada
  • You must prove that you bring no risk to Canadian security and its well being at all times
  • You must prove that you are in good health and will not be a burden on the healthcare system in the country for the entire tenure of your stay
  • You must satisfy the officer that you will leave the country as soon as your first offered Canada visit visa expires.


Express Onestop Immigration has been successfully providing visa consultancy in Dubai for all residents of the GCC countries. We have gained expertise in the Canadian Visitor Visa category and are constantly keeping up with all the ongoing changes in the regulations to speed up your application by a great deal. We will provide professional help with:

  • Expert advice on documentation needed for Canada visa application
  • Tailor your holiday package that is clear to visa officer
  • Book tickets & hotels
  • Fill online visa application
  • Complete your visa fee payment process
  • Schedule appointment
  • Provide you simple interview tips and frequently asked questions based on your holiday package you select from us
  • Sort your application and ready for appointment.

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