Canada Express Entry

Immigration to Canada from UAE (Express Entry)

Since January 2015 anyone can apply for Canadian Immigration and the only condition required is that you have good control over the English or French language which will definitely help you out to complete your procedure quickly. The Canadian government requires highly qualified individuals who can work in Canada to fulfill the requirements of various employers in Canada. The current openings are available for various technical and professional fields from almost every field and profession. The benefits an individual will surely get after a few years that he/she can apply for the citizenship and it can sponsor their blood relatives in future as well. If you spend 3 years in Canada then you are eligible for the citizenship of Canada and the basic thing is to utilize your education and skills to prove yourself for the opportunity.

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Requirements for Express Entry in Canada

  • Professional eligibility
  • Education
  • Language ability
  • Work experience
  • Other factors

You can also get points for:

  • Canadian degrees, diplomas or certificates
  • A valid job offer
  • A nomination from a province or territory

If you are keen on applying for the opportunity, then you will require some essential things which will help you to qualify for it. You must have at least a Diploma in any professional or technical field. Also, you should have a minimum 1 year of experience to justify your skill set. Medical and criminal record check is the compulsory part and this would be the key point to allow you for the Canadian citizenship. If you are qualified enough for the points based Canadian Express Entry immigration program and wish to move to the country for a better future, you will not find a better visa option than the Express Entry. Launched in 2015 and simplified by a qualification points system both for eligibility and comprehensive skill calculation, the skilled migration through Express Entry has become the most preferred visa type for many people from across the world. People based in KSA, Dubai and the rest of GCC states find Express Entry Canadian Immigration to be the most convenient option.

All that is required is for you to meet the basic criteria in order to gain your Express Entry Immigration points that will count towards your eligibility for the invitation to apply. The entire system is comprised of two major steps, the first one qualifies you to apply for the Express Entry Canadian Immigration and the second one, which is also known as Comprehensive Ranking System, will get you the invitation to apply once you score enough points on it. This Express Entry System is designed specifically for skilled migrants aiming to get their immigration applications processed quickly and efficiently and at the same time the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) gets the opportunity to get skilled individuals into their country assisting in boosting the economic stability of the country.

So no matter which country you are residing in, you can fill in the assessment for and an Immigration specialist will get back to you within 24-48 hours, to help you. You can also get your free assesment by clicking on the “Contact us” tab and call the given number between 9AM to 6PM or leave a message on

Can You Extend Your Study Permit?

Yes, you can. It’s simple as that. By filing the form IMM 1249, you can apply for an extension to your student immigration status. If your course could not be completed within the due date or you have taken admission in a following study course, you can utilize this form IMM 1249 to get an extension until the duration of your new study course or until the point when you intend to finish your current one. This can only be applied from within Canada and only when you are residing in the country.

Working in Canada While on Your Study Permit

If you are on a Canadian Student Visa, you can work in the country as well to earn some side income. You must meet the following conditions:

  • Your part time employment is on your study campus, i.e. your university, college or educational institute in any of the various departments.
  • Being an international student, you are under a scholarship.
  • Your work job descriptions are being specified as an integral part of your study program. This can be an internship, a post-doctoral fellowship or an unpaid or paid research.
  • You will require an approval from the authorities if you wish to work off-campus.

However, if you happen to have a spouse with you while on your study visa, they can work full time in the country.

Why Select Canada as your Future Study?

Canada has become one of the cutting edge nations making progress toward modern education. Being a politically stable country and having dynamic cultural traits Canada is the center of attraction for the students. Six universities of Canada are among the 120 top-ranked universities in the world. Students from all over the world are always seeking to get their admission in Canadian universities. In 2018, the University of Toronto, the top university of Canada had 32% foreign students.

Our Team:

We are a team of highly expert professionals providing Immigration Consultants from Dubai services who can help you make your student visa process efficient and hassle free. All the requirements for Canada Student visa will be catered with professional ways that could be helpful to make your student visa application acceptable from Dubai UAE & all over GCC. Our specialists also help you speed up the study visa application process with Express Entry.

Our Study Visa Services:

With the assistance of our professional study visa consultants in Dubai UAE after the completion of documents, you can submit them online as well as to closest Canadian Visa Office. The Visa authorities have the right to ask for additional documentation in the form of security or medical and, hence, you should be prepared for that. When you are finished with the study visa documentation, the authorities will call you for an interview. The interview call is the final stage and after this, you can continue a new journey into your dreams of education and a superior dynamic life.

We are capable to process study visa such applications for anyone in Dubai, KSA or rest of the GCC, you may contact us for more details of our Canada Study permit / visa consultancy. Our specialist Canadian Student Visa team from Dubai UAE will help you achieve your goals successfully and efficiently.

Canadian Immigration Consultancy Services:

We provide a wide range of immigration consultants’ services for Canada;

  • Canadian Express Entry Visa Consultants in Dubai
  • Canadian Student Visa Consultants in Dubai
  • Canadian Visit Visa Consultants in Dubai
  • Canada Spouse visa Consultants in Dubai

Let ExpressOnestop Immigration help you in order to get you and your family migrated and settled in Canada by our professional Canada immigration consultants in Dubai, UAE. Fill in the inquiry form and one of our Immigration specialist will contact you.
So no matter which country you are residing in, you can fill in the assessment for and an Immigration specialist will get back to you within 24-48 hours, to help you. You can also get your free assesment by clicking on the “Contact us” tab and call the given number between 9AM to 6PM or leave a message on

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