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Who can control Love and put Boundaries on it? Falling in love with someone is just as blunt and unpredictable as a bolt of lightning in an intense storm. Someone in Australia on any sort of a visa program like study visa, business visit or tourist visit visa can always meet someone and feel for them in a different way and the Australian government respects the face if someone wants to get married with an Australian citizenship. Additionally, the Australian government doesn’t ignore human rights for anyone and will process a Marriage/Fiancé visa when submitted correctly.

If you are one of the lucky people who just fell in love with an Australian citizen, the Australian immigration can provide you a Fiancé Visa program that will allow you to stay in the country for nine months and get married to your loved on in that period. However, to meet the spouse or fiancé visa requirements, the person applying must pass the health and character tests as defined by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

Onestop immigration is your most reliable Marriage/Fiancé Visa consultant with decades of experience in dealing with similar cases. We have helped thousands of people and families to be together and live a happy life in Australia. Our skilled consultants put up a strong case from Dubai or the GCC that has little to no chance of getting questioned by the authorities easing out your application getting a quick reply in your favor.

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You could be granted 820/801 visa if:

  • Permanent resident of Australia
  • Living in Australian before submission application
  • Already in the Australia as student, visitor or work visa holder
  • Do not have an “8503 – NO FURTHER STAY” condition.
  • Continues 1 year in relationship or married
Australian Spouse Visa Requirements

Applicants for the Marriage visa need to get a valid sponsorship from their Fiancé in Australia who is also an Australian citizen or are permanent residents of the country by law and required paperwork and must also be at least 18 years old. The other major requirement requires the couple interested in a marriage visa to provide evidence of their non-formal relationship for the past Twelve months that must be a continued one with no breaks or pauses at all. Applicants of the marriage visa need to meet their Fiancé physically and also demonstrate above average knowledge of each other’s personal lives and behaviors and must also prove their intent to create a strong family together. Express Onestop immigration creates a solid convincing case for our client couple, taking their case in just the right direction.

Looking for an Australian Marriage Visa

Your wait is over, Express Onestop Immiigration gets you the much awaited chance to live with your loved one in Australia easily and quickly following all the legal requirements laid out from the Australian visa processing agency. We work with you through the entire process making your case so strong that it gets instant approval without many questions asked at all so apply for free assessment for your Spouse visa in Australia

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